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About Lina

The second blog recommendation is Lina Park’s blog, About Lina.

About the blog

Lina Park’s blog focuses on her personal life, including her thoughts, reviewing cafes, baking, and her international experience travelling around the world. About Lina‘s subtitle is “just a girl with a camera”, and the blog has many beautiful pictures that she took that provide a sense of exploration, much like how we love exploring the blog! 

Let’s talk design

Lina has a lovely song playing in the background as you open the site, creating an atmosphere of discovery. Coupled with the pictures on the website, you feel like you are in a different environment. 

I love the typography choice. The Serif font made it easy to read the website and, more importantly, kept me wanting to read more. The white space across the blog is consistent and effective at not making the content feel crammed. “White space can even draw attention to the text and provides an overall aesthetically pleasing experience.” (Hannah, 2022).

My favourite thing about your website has to be the first button on the front page, “Let’s break the ice!”. When we reviewed the website in the lens of design thinking, Lina made excellent choices in tone by understanding and empathizing with her public. The PUB 101 guest speaker and designer, Mauvé Page, emphasized the importance of three aspects: (1) Typography, (2) Format, and (3) Empathy mapping to structure content. These criteria were met with the blog effectively and intuitively, making it easy for us as the audience to interact with your blog (Kaptelinin, 2014).

Why we recommend this blog

For many of you on ElevatorPitched, you will likely travel around North America a lot based on the consulting industry, or you may crave travelling. About Lina goes beyond just walls of texts about a particular country or cafe, but emerges you in the experience. One blog titled “MAISON KITSUNÉ OPENS IN VANCOUVER” shares Lina’s experience going to the cafe in Vancouver’s Gastown, adding information about the cafe’s international presence and pictures of the mouth-watering dishes. We loved how she included the address and opening times, making it one less step for us to look for the cafe online!

If you prefer listening or watching over reading, Lina also has a YouTube channel to post vlogs such as Camping in Korea, Back to University, and her First Day in University, all linked on her website

Whether you are looking for an escape from reality or your next destination, About Lina is the blog for you. Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments below!



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